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Education for ​human progress

In a world where millions of learners are underserved and ​disengaged from their education, there is a critical need for ​alternative models.

Raya’s vision is to create a globally recognized education ​system that transcends borders, fosters human flourishing, ​and promotes progress toward a sustainable future.


Raya Bidshahri is a serial entrepreneur, keynote ​speaker, and award-winning educator. She is the ​Founder and Chief Executive Officer of School of ​Humanity, an innovative online high school with an ​interdisciplinary curriculum. Raya collaborates with ​public and private education providers globally to ​develop education systems that better serve the ​needs of today’s world.

Originally from Iran, Raya grew up in Dubai and ​completed her degree in Neuroscience at Boston ​University. She then decided to pursue her mission ​of reimagining education.

Featured by the BBC as one of the most influential ​and inspiring women globally, Raya is a global ​thought leader on the future of education.


School of ​Humanity

School of Humanity is an award-winning online ​high school where learners develop their skills by ​having a positive impact on the world. Licensed in ​the United States, the school is internationally ​accredited by the Western Association of Schools ​& Colleges.

School of Humanity replaces exams with real-world ​projects and offers an interdisciplinary curriculum.

With learners and alumni from over 30 countries ​across 5 continents, it is designed to be the High ​School for the World.


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100 Women

Raya has been named in BBC’s ​list of 100 most influential and ​inspiring women for her work in ​the education industry.

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Raya was the main award ​winner for the Next Generation ​Foresight Practioner’s Award, ​organized by the School of ​International Futures.

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Bett MEA


Raya has been a finalist in ​three different categories at the ​Bett MEA awards: Innovation, ​Collaboration, and Leadership.

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School of Humanity was the ​main-award winner at the ​ETech evolving education ​award for innovation in ​education.

Written Works

What can schools learn from ​startups?

At School of Humanity, we've been operating at ​the intersection of education and ​entrepreneurship.

An education without exams: Is it ​possible?

What are the issues with traditional standardized ​exams? What are more meaningful alternatives?

Interdisciplinary perspectives: ​Science education

A case study of how we teach science as a way of ​thought and embed interdisciplinary perspectives.

Facilitating internships, mentorship & ​real-world learning

While we must guide young minds to embrace ​uncertainty about the ever-changing workforce, we ​also need to create opportunities for exposure to ​the workforce.

The Future of Educators: Navigating ​the new era

Being a teacher is more than a job; it's shaping ​the future. Every lesson, question, and challenge ​helps sculpt the leaders, thinkers, and creators of ​tomorrow.

Cosmic Perspectives, Essay in Rays ​of Truth

Embracing a cosmic perspective in education is ​not just about understanding the universe; it's ​about adopting a long-term view of our existence ​and our place within the cosmos.

Reimagining the ​future of education

Raya has spoken at more than 60 conferences ​in over 15 countries, including COP28, Expo ​2020, EduTech Asia, the G20/Y20 Summit, ​the Global Education Forum, and the GESS ​Summit.

She has been sharing her expertise as a ​keynote speaker for over 14 years, bringing a ​much-needed forward-looking perspective to ​discussions about the future of education.

“She owned the state and was a pleasure to listen to and work with ​throughout the production stage. We are hugely pleased and proud to ​name her one of the BBC 100 women of the year.”

  • Valeria Perasso, Senior Journalist, BBC World Service

“Her knowledge for education combined with her vision for the future ​made her an ideal keynote speaker at the summit and one that attracted ​many of the local media.”

  • Anthony Mesmar, Event Manager, Global Education Supplies & ​Solutions

“We were so excited to have Raya speak at our event and she did not ​disappoint, offering thought-provoking insights for our audience of school ​leaders and education professionals.”

  • Victoria James, Event Director, Bett MEA


PBS Documentary Feature

History of the Future

Written and directed by Andrew Morgan and ​hosted by futurist Ari Wallach, the series ​challenges the dystopian framework of popular ​culture.

Dubai One Interview

The Rise of Online Learning

DXB Today is a lifestyle-based show highlighting ​different aspects of life in Dubai. Raya joins a ​panel discussing the rise of online learning.

Keynote at EduTech Singapore

Reinventing Education

How can we redesign our education systems ​for today’s world? Raya shares a practical ​vision at EduTech Singapore.

GESS Talks Interview

The Power of Interdisciplinary Learning

GESS talks to Raya Bidshahri about her talk on ​the power of interdisciplinary thinking, following ​her keynote on the leadership stage.

BBC 100 Women

Celebrating the Female Future

Raya was named in BBC’s list of 100 most ​influential and inspiring women from around – ​alongside Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, ​American Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio ​Cortez, and other trailblazing women.

School of Humanity Team Interview

Creating the High School for the World

School of Humanity was founded from a place ​of inspiration of what education could be. Raya ​shares her vision and origin story for the online ​high school.

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